Alla Xul Elu reanimated

ALLA XUL ELU: Reanimator Remix

Release year: 2022
Label: Long Live Evil

No, this isn’t a new Alla Xul Elu album. No, Alla Xul Elu have not left Majik Ninja Entertainment – well, not to my knowledge at least. What this is – as the name implies – is a remix album consisting of 10 revisited classics and fan-favourites from The Almighty and Mauxuleum.

Remixed by Billy Blasphemy – who, I gather, is none other than Billy Obey, one third of the unholy trinity of AXE – this release offers an interesting alternate take on Alla Xul Elu’s gruesome horrorcore. But it’s very much a strictly-for-fans type of release, justifying its release on the group’s own label.

The tracklist is pretty killer, pulling some of the best tracks from both albums mentioned above. Of course AXE Is Family is included, as well as Mask Made Me Do It – both highlights of The Almighty. Blood Moon And Back is a natural pick from Mauxuleum, whilst L.I.F.E. and Deathbed are somewhat more obscure tracks, but perhaps that’s just why they were fruitful to give a re-treatment.

The new approach to the tracks is darker, grittier and more obscure, with a decidedly more industrial nature. Some of the tracks have been given a somewhat more ambient treatment, reducing the role of the beat. This results in more ominous, eerie and haunting renditions, especially for the tracks culled from The Almighty, which had a far more old school sound than Mauxuleum. As far as I can tell, the vocal tracks have remained entirely – or almost entirely – untouched.

The results give an interesting alternate perspective on modern horrorcore classics. However, truth be told, none of the remixes surpass the originals. A track like AXE Is Family remains pretty damn impressive – it is after all one of the best rap tracks in I don’t know how long – but it does lose a little something.

But I guess the point wasn’t necessarily to improve upon already impressive tracks, but rather experiment with a different sound. And as such, Reanimator Remix does justify its existence as a for-the-fans type of release. It breathes a bit of new unlife into old favourites, and most likely encourages fans to revisit the original albums.

Sorry, no tracks from Reanimator Remix are available online. So here’s the brilliant video to the brilliant original of AXE Is Family.

Visit Alla Xul Elu on their website or Facebook

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