Psycho outta this world

DE LA ROCKA: Out Of This World

Release year: 2023
Label: Bad Billy Records

Finnish psychobilly trio Graveyard Bashers were in my not-too-modest opinion one of the best new bands in the genre in years and years. With their extremely raw but still pure breed of psychobilly, throughout their three releases, the band offered a kick in the balls for a genre that was sagging a bit.

And so I was more than a bit miffed when the band called it a day last year. Especially as their last album, Wreck ‘Em Dead (reviewed here), was their strongest one yet and it felt like the band had truly hit their stride. Luckily, though, it did not take long for vocalist/guitarist Panu De La Rocka to announce he was working on a solo project. This two-track 7″ release is the first taster of his upcoming album.

Psychobilly is still the name of the game, but a different kind of psychotic rockin’. Judging by these two tracks, De La Rocka is toning down the snarling, slavering extremeness but not compromising on the psycho part. However, I’m not sure how valid conclusions one can draw about the upcoming album based on this single; I’ve been told that the album itself will feature a wide array of guests and that the songs have to some extent been tailored to fit their styles. Perhaps one can expect some kind of cut-through of what mr. De La Rocka considers good psychobilly?

Anyhow, back to this single. The title track features Dax Dragster of the legendary Danish act Godless Wicked Creeps (and later of Johnny Nightmare). Accordingly, Out Of This World is a track of uptempo, punked up psychobilly with a galloping bass, a good singalong chorus and nice melodies. A highly catchy ditty, which piques ones interest in the rest of the album.

The second track, Little Green Men, features lead vocals by De La Rocka himself. He is aided by Titch of the legendary psychobilly clowns Klingonz, who assumes the role of the titular little green men. Factor in some theremin by X Ray Cat Trio vocalist Nico Carew, and you’ve got a mid-tempo track that aptly catches the spirit of good old b-rate sci-fi movies.

As said, making too in-depth predictions of an album based on two songs is risky. Especially as it should contain considerably stylistic breadth. But what can one await based on these two tracks? Well, first of all: psychobilly. Secondly, the same level of quality as with Graveyard Bashers.

And, you know, for me personally, feeling certain about those two points is enough to keep me interested in the upcoming full-length.

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