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SPEEDMOBILE: Supersonic Beat Commando

Release year: 2022
Label: Butler Records

What do you get when you combine Dutch psychobilly legends Batmobile with compatriot action rock legends Peter Pan Speedrock? Well, of course, you get Speedmobile: one third Batmobile (Jeroen Haamers on vocals and guitar) and two third Peter Pan Speedrock (two Barts on drums and bass, Nederhand and Geevers).

Unsurprisingly, the style is somewhere in the middle between the two acts. Wild, hard and speedrockin’ rollin’ stuff. Though, I must say, apart from the vocals, this leans more towards Peter Pan Speedrock than Batmobile’s nascent psychobilly.

So, in other words, what Supersonic Beat Commando offers is straightforward, high-octane rock ‘n’ roll. This isn’t exactly roots, isn’t exactly punk, isn’t exactly garage, but it also isn’t not any of those. Psychobilly is a decidedly rare commodity on the album, though, and when it is present, it’s more in the vein of hard chargers Cenobites than the rootsy psychobilly of Batmobile.

Considering the chops of all involved, it comes as no surprise that the album packs some real punch. The songs are fast and wild with the kind of guitar playing that requires wild posing and lots of bravado. The album is like a steamroller tumbling downhill: not much in terms of finesse or nuances; instead, a whole lot of back-to-basics guitar rock ‘n’ roll. Think Motörhead meets Foghat at their most wild, with a considerable dollop of action rock attitude thrown in.

And of course, with Jeroen Haamers’ instantly recognizable vocal style – this time with a bit of added snarl. That’s the strongest Batmobile element on the album.

The bottom line is that Supersonic Beat Commando is a very solid album. The songs kick ass, and the overall attitude of the album is one of no-holds-barred rocking that doesn’t lose the quintessential fun from rock ‘n’ roll. This isn’t the kind of stuff that takes life too seriously.

However, on the downside, I feel like the sound leaves something to be desired. Especially when kicking things in fastest gear, the guitars are a bit too in the back. A bit more flamboyant, harder sound would have served the album well. But that’s just about the only complaint I can think of.

Is this one for the ages? A coming classic? Probably no. This might be an album few will remember in five or ten years’ time. But that doesn’t matter. Right here and right now – in the year of 2022 – Supersonic Beat Commando is a blistering rock ‘n’ roll celebration of life.

And that’s more than enough.

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