Zanjeer with flags raised

ZANJEER: Parcham Buland Ast

Release year: 2022
Label: Symphony Of Destruction

Cramming six tracks onto a 7″ release is no mean feat. Sure, there are rabid grindcore bands who’ve fit ten times more songs on a 7″, but even so: six tracks means these guys aren’t beating around the bush. They say what they want to say, and don’t dawdle about.

Zanjeer is a truly international group. Members come from Germany, where the band apparently have their headquarters, Colombia, Pakistan and England. Three continents, the same sentiment of rage.

Let’s take our cues from the band, and not beat around the bush. Hardcore with a crust tint is what Zanjeer are about. The short ‘n’ sweet songs focus on violently pounding drums, aggressive riffs and coarse, shouted vocals. One name to drop pops into my mind instantly: Doom. These guys land square in that same no-man’s-ground of nascent crust, extreme hardcore and metallic elements.

The six songs, clocking in at a total of nine minutes, are all cut from the same cloth. But that’s okay. Zanjeer plow through their songs with convincing fervor and violence. Ranging between mid-tempo and speedier hardcore chug-chug, with a focus on the latter, there’s certainly not a lot of time to catch breath here.

Original? No. Good? Yes. That’s the simple bottom line boiled down to two simple facts. That should suffice for you, if aulde style crust-hardcore is your thing.

I wouldn’t mind hearing more from these guys in a longer format. I feel these guys have the necessary oomph in sound, attitude and approach to succesfully carry the rage for a full album.

Visit Zanjeer on Bandcamp or Facebook

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