The horrors of the Necromancers’ union


Release year: 2021
Label: Petrichor

The promo sheet describes this album as Billy Idol and Danzig meets The Sisters Of Mercy… and you know, for once it’s pretty spot on! It’s common knowledge that a lot of the time promo sheets are full of crap and hyperbole, written by people who’ve little grasp of reality.

With these references in mind, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint where US solo project The Necromancers Union draw inspiration from: 80’s goth rock with hints of heavy metal and new wave. In other words: old school stuff. At least in some ways.

There’s another, even more applicable name I’d like to drop here. And that’s The 69 Eyes. You see, in very much a similar vein as the Helsinki Vampires on their two “glam goth” albums Devils (2004) and Angels (2007), The Necromancers Union combine the provocative erotic swagger of glam rock and Billy Idol with the fatalistic drama of The Sisters Of Mercy, and modern, distorted electric guitar. And more than Danzig, I’m getting a Michale Graves era Misfits vibe from this – but hey, that’s the other tolerable era of Misfits, so it’s all good!

Throwing these names into the pot, the stew that is Flesh Of The Dead starts to form. Whilst the basic ingredients certainly are old school, even stereotypical, the result isn’t old school in the same way as… well, genuinely old school goth and death rock acts. Flesh Of The Dead is more like a modern, even mainstream-friendly goth rock album with dominating old school elements.

And, as The Necromancers Union go on to prove, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whilst not a jaw-dropper or a gobsmacker, Flesh Of The Dead is filled with entirely adequate latter-day goth rock romps. Catchy choruses, an overall energetic feel and a powerful sound ensure you won’t be bored when spinning this. Sole member Daniel has a dramatic, deep voice which meets the requirements for this kind of music, and his musical chops have been entirely sufficient to put on tape an albums’ worth of suitably dark rock music. Or, actually, three EP’s worth: this CD compiles three EP’s originally released on the project’s Bandcamp.

Ultimately, though, it’s maybe a bit too much pastiché of this and that. Flesh Of The Dead comes across more as a pretty well assembled collection of borrowed and stolen parts than a genuinely own creation. It’s genuinely enjoyable and even fun to listen to, but it’s not one for the ages.

Still, when all things are taken into account, the sum under the line is well above zero. The Necromancers Union have crafted a fun even if somewhat short-lived album that should quench your thirst for guitar-driven goth rock.

Visit The Necromancers Union on Bandcamp or Facebook

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