Pressure 28 stand their ground

PRESSURE 28: Stand Your Ground

Release year: 2022
Label: self-released

Talking about the latter-day classics of UK oi! and skinhead music, Pressure 28 are… well, not a band you usually see mentioned. The reason for that is pretty obvious, too: though the band released their first material already in the early 90’s, Stand Your Ground is only their second full-length album. The first one, Unified, was released in 2011. So at best, Pressure 28 have always been one of those “bubbling under” bands.

And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t much care for Unified. There was nothing majorly wrong with it, somehow the band’s brand of UK oi! just didn’t do it for me. Fast forward to 2015 and the 7″ On These Streets, and things were looking a lot more up.

I’m happy to tell you, that seven years on, things are looking even more up. Stand Your Ground is without doubt the best Pressure 28 I’ve heard in my time. And, in this day and age, when noteworthy UK oi! oi! seems to be a bit of a scarcity on the market, a welcome sign of life from the home country of the skinhead.

Basically, Pressure 28 aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done a thousand times already. This is straightforward, pure UK style of oi! punk. Shoutalong choruses, plenty of aggressive attitude, lyrics about the working class and the country going down the drain. Everything you’ve come to expect from a traditional working class oi! release.

But the significant thing is that this time around, Pressure 28 take the well-tried recipe and hammer out something truly enjoyable from it. Plenty of choruses you’ll be singing along to in no time, plenty of songs worth spinning time and time again, and a nice sound that’s entirely classic, but packs a real punch.

In a nutshell, within a genre that’s never been too big on innovation and expanding its horizons, Pressure 28 stick very close to the core tenets of the sound. And in doing so, they’ve created one of the finer 100% traditional oi! albums in a while.

I mean, is this going to be a classic people will reminisce about in 20 years’ time? Probably not. Is this going to spark a revival of UK bootboy music? Not likely. Is this the album that’s going to make Pressure 28 into household punk rock names? Betcha not. But is this a helluva good oi! album with lots of aggro, lots of attitude, some killer riffs and everything a short-shaved, bomber jacket wearing bootboy is looking for on a good album?


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