Kürøishi with snakes inside

Kürøishi: Käärme sisälläsi, myrkyttää maailmani

Release year: 2021
Label: Break The Records/Fight Records/SPHC Records

Behind the rather odd name of Kürøishi are to be found five Finns, whose collective CV is some kind of impressive: Terveet Kädet, Lapin Helvetti, Deathbound and Deathchain are only some of the bands they’ve been involved in. Definitely enough to pique one’s interest.

And sure enough, these guys deliver. With Kürøishi, their chosen mode of approach is violent and vitriolic, rather traditional crust. And whilst not breaking much new ground, on their third album the Finns offer a solid piece of angry, gritty d-beat punk.

Taking their cues from the standard blueprint of crust, Käärme sisälläsi, myrkyttää maailmani is full of galloping d-beats, violently hammered riffs, and hoarse, pissed off shouting that sounds like vocalist Kai Jaakkola must have had a sore throat for a while after the recording sessions.

So, for the most part, nothing particularly new under the sun. Obviously Kürøishi have taken careful notes from the Swedish masters of violent crust punk (among others), but they infuse it with a slightly more rocking touch here and there: Levels Of Disgust has some riffs with a slight Motörhead tint to them, and unlike some colleagues in crust, Kürøishi are not afraid to throw guitar solos into the mix.

Though offering nothing particularly innovative, Käärme sisälläsi, myrkyttää maailmani is a highly solid piece of extreme punk. It is heavy, abrasive and violent without treading into metal territory, and traditional without being derivative.

Simply put, when all is said and done, it is a good album.

Visit Kürøishi on Bandcamp or Facebook

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