AXE going chronic

ALLA XUL ELU: Necronomichron

Release year: 2017/2020
Label: self-released/Majik Ninja Entertainment

As a sort of prelude to a review of US horrorcore rap unit Alla Xul Elu‘s newest release (at the date of writing), Necronomichron 2, we’re reviewing their earlier EP from 2017 – for obvious reasons. As the name implies, there’s a certain weed-centered thematic connection between this EP and the album released in 2021.

Originally self-released on CDr, this was from back when Alla Xul Elu were still a duo – I think! There’s absolutely no info on this re-release, but that’s what it sounds like to me. I suppose Majik Ninja Entertainment decided to re-release it for the same obvious reason we’re reviewing this older release at this point: as a prelude to, and in hopes of benefiting from interest in the sequel.

Basically, this is a slightly nascent version of the dark horrorcore rap Alla Xul Elu have become known and loved for, and with a decidedly more light-hearted approach. Dark, pulsating synths, weird voices and classic horror movie sound effects, and lyrics drawn from classic horror movies. This time around, with a heavy weed-related twist. As the name implies, this EP is all about the weed.

In fact, I guess it’s a theme album (or mini-album) of sorts, despite not maybe forming the most coherent whole. As in the name, it’s a mash-up of horror and blunt. A weed so potent it releases eldritch evils, or something to that effect. To be honest, it’s all a bit silly lyrically, but in good fun. The humorous aspect is emphasized by the hilarious skit Necronomiclean – the evilest cleaning agent there ever was.

Humorous or not, and though missing the third member that completed the unit that is AXE, this is prime cut Alla Xul Elu. In other words, though thematically a bit different and laced with all sorts of funny-and-a-bit-redundant inserts in between the tracks, it’s classic and powerful horrorcore with driving beats and good production. And, of course, the sharp and precise vocal delivery you can expect from Alla Xul Elu.

In my not-so-humble opinion, this is obviously a lesser work in comparison to the brilliant Mauxuleum album (reviewed here) and Church Of Xul EP, and also a peg below the first trio-formation album of Alla Xul Elu, The Almighty, released the following year. However, this is still a good EP worth its price of admission; it’s just that the group have improved vastly since then.


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