Wisdom from the stars – the words of Idolos

It’s not every day you come in contact with extraterrestrial beings, is it? But that’s just what happened to me last summer, when a duo of Venusians calling themselves Idolos contacted me – through something as mundane as social media. A weird choice of platform, considering they hail from Venus and are descendants of Atlanteans, but I guess you have to communicate with lesser beings through a medium they understand?

Perhaps that also explains why they’ve chosen to deliver their message of cosmic proportions in the odd format of black metal. I wouldn’t pretend to understand the way the mind of a Venusian works. In any case, I was given access to the first transmission of Idolos – a five track release called Ahi Cab – and found myself fascinated by the concept of ancient South American mythology intermingling with a context of cosmic proportions.

Of course, the only responsible thing was to reach out and ask them to explain their message more fully.

– We are people from the sky, descending from an old civilisation. We come from Venus to deliver our sonic message – “Ahi Cab”. For that, we took possession of two French black metallers’ minds; they are called NnK (S.C.A.R., Etheron…) and MgRcH (VulV, ex-Au Champs Des Morts…), the extraterrestrial beings communicate unto me. These two particular human vessels were chosen, I am assured, because they already possessed the musical and creative skills required to transmit the Venusians’ message in a suitably dark and intense form.

– It is not the first time we come to Earth, the duo continue. Apparently many people across the ages have seen them in different forms since the inception of the human race, and it has left an indelible mark on human history.

– We are back in these troubled times to bring back order and restore trust in Earthling hearts. We want them to hear and understand our message. This message is both a memory and a promise, because we are the missing link of hope between their past and future.

But the current state of things does not appease the Venusian messengers:

– The corruption and immorality of power reminds us of the moral degeneration of Atlantis, which ended up causing the dispersion and annihilation of a people too proud and egoistic, they explain. Wars, materialism and misuse of knowledge are but some of our sins – and ever since the harnessing of nuclear power as a weapon during the Manhattan Project, mankind has been on a path of self-destruction, the Venusians inform me.

An unusual theme and message for a black metal project, considering the oftentimes nihilistic and anti-life philosophy of the genre. But that’s not all that’s unusual about Idolos: lyrically, Ahi Cab, their aforementioned debut release, delves deep into ancient South American mythology, lifting its lyrics from the Popol Vuh, the sacred text of the K’iche’ tribe. In itself, the Popol Vuh does contain ample amounts of dark and sinister mythology, containing descriptions of a descent to the underworld and the mischievous acts of the Gods of the Underworld – and how two heroes outwitted these sinister gods.

– With the first part of our sonic message (being Ahi Cab -ed.), we wish for mankind to reconnect with the strength and power we Venusians delivered to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, the Hero Twins of what became the Mayan creation myth, the two Venusians explain. They further explain that what we know as the Popol Vuh is but a fragment of their knowledge, and a fragment of Atlantean culture superimposed in another context.

– Of all the places where Atlanteans emigrated, none reveals their influence as the K’iche’ people. Initially, the transcription was exclusively oral and pictographic, they describe the myth-enshrouded history of the book, which was first put in writing as the ancient K’iche’ culture was already dying after European colonization of South America had started.

They also reveal that Ahi Cab – which translates to “at the beginning of the world” – is but the first of a series of three releases related to the Popol Vuh, which in time will unveil a greater tapestry in Idolos’ work.

“Ancient Astronauts” is a concept (or, as some would say, pseudoscientific theory) according to which the earth has been visited by extraterrestrials many times in the past, and that encounters with these otherworldly guests has inspired many of the myths of ancient peoples. You can see why I have to ask the Venusians what they think of this idea.

– Indeed, some clairvoyant humans spotted some of our achievements throughout history, and they built the “Ancient Astronauts” theory. It’s a good thing to see some enlightened earthlings leading others on the path of knowledge, the duo say. However, they are quick to point out that one must be careful when delving into these matters, for much of it is nothing but a cheap cash-in for the sake of money and fame.

Less than surprisingly, people like Erich Von Däniken, who’ve made a career out of shallow cash grabs built on these theories, are not held in particularly high esteem by the Venusians:

– When speaking of sensationalistic misconception, Von Däniken is in the top-10. Like Claude Vorilhon (French hack better known as Raël, leader of the Raëlian Movement -ed.), he perverted the message for personal gain. Jungfrau Park is a good example, the twosome refer to Von Däniken’s commercial amusement park. Their derision of the famous writer goes deep, calling him a mythomaniac instead of a mythologist, and plainly stating that any Von Däniken’s claims of actually having met extraterrestrials of the kind our interviewees represent are but lies.

– Only time, research and new discoveries can prove the validity of certain claims and attest to this true version of your own history, the envoys add. Certainly something the majority of sensationalistic and superficial hacks would balk at. Our twosome mention two names they, as opposed to those mentioned before, hold in at least some regard: Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels.

The spectrum of modern easy-to-digest, philosophically and mythologically inconsistent, shallow New Age mysticism does not garner praise, either:

– Modern day spirituality is a composite “à la carte”. Every human wants a form of spirituality fitting his way of living – most of the time, a fast and nonsensical way of living. Realizing the vacuity of their life, the lack of transcendental purpose in their existence, human beings (especially in the western world) finally decide to reach for something higher, but they’re not ready to fully commit themselves to an absolute dedication. They want to incorporate spirituality in their lives without changing anything. That’s why we’re here: to restore “True Faith”, the two envoys lay it out plainly.

– All over the world, archaeology is very often used for nationalist and religious purposes instead of serving the truth, the two Venusians warn us of believing too blindly in people who purport to know esoteric secrets. The Venusian twosome sternly distance themselves from abusing the hidden history of the human species as a political vessel:

– A lot of myths and fragments of your history have been used for ideological purposes. These kinds of linkages are quite common to legitimate political views. For example, the French Revolution misused Ancient Greek history to spread its ideals, and National Socialist mysticism took interest in Thule and mysticism only to legitimate the legacy and superiority of a white proto-aryan hyperborean race. We can’t find any relevance in such linkages. We, Idolos, are beyond and above all political, ideological and commercial interests, the two state, adding that such things are typically human – whereas Idolos is from the sky.

In contrast, a thing like the Popol Vuh – and South American mythology in general – strives to give real answers, bearing potent wisdom even for a 21st century European human:

– The Popol Vuh and South American mythology try to give real explanations to questions that all human beings have asked themselves since the dawn of time, and to which we Venusians have the answers: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of life? Why are we dying? Where are we going? Like a lot of the mythologies we have inspired, the Popol Vuh teaches humility and respect, the stellar twosome explain. On the other hand, they add, the Popol Vuh also teaches to believe in oneself and to transcend the fear to fight for one’s beliefs. 21st century Europe, as most of the western world, lives in a total lack of spirituality and transcendental values, instead building a civilization upon consumerism and materialism, they add, with a rather dramatic bottom line:

– The Popol Vuh and Idolos are your last chance to get back to what truly makes sense in life.

Whilst shrouded in mystery, much of what the two Venusians have transmitted to me seems to boil down to pretty simple things: keep an open mind, be inquisitive, be critical, don’t settle for the easy answers, don’t blindly believe in propaganda and politically motivated psyops, and don’t believe you know the whole truth. Look without and look within, and never stop looking. However, they do allude to there being more – much more – that their message will reveal in due time; a sort of hidden history of the world and human kind, to be found in the tapestry woven by the ancient mythologies of man:

– This is one of the “raison d’être” of Idolos. We cannot say everything; certain realities are still too advanced, and can upset the established order. We are not here for that. You only have access to a very restricted part of our teachings, the two begin.

– Since the Atlanteans emigrated to various parts of the globe, their influence has been felt in different ways depending on the time of their migration. There are plenty of similarities between several cosmogonic myths; but so too in architecture, sport, social organizations. Behind all these coincidences, you will find the Idolos’ print, they hint at the revelations to come as our readiness to accept and understand their message increases.

And so, it has almost come time to end our cosmic parley. Before ending contact, we wrap things up on a more temporally linear, mundane note: what is in the future of Idolos as a musical endeavour?

– We will deliver the second part of our musical message between fall and winter 2020. It will be a continuation of Ahi Cab. We will keep on spreading this cosmogonic message by all means; it’s a matter of survival. Mankind seems very receptive to the first part of our message, the two refer to the numerous positive reviews, interviews and other attention the first EP received.

– Earthlings are now ready to hear the second part of the story.

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