A grim fate to perish

GRIM FATE: Perished In Torment

Release year: 2020
Label: Xtreem Records

Heavy, lurching old school death/doom is a well that never seems to run dry. The classic sound, which seemingly forever plays second fiddle to the speedier brutal death metal of the same age even in metal media, always find new purveyors and continues to suppurate and spew forth new mutations.

Dutch Grim Fate are one such relatively young act: having formed in 2017, this is their first album after some smaller releases. Whilst originality may not be their forte, the trio from the Netherlands have other things going for them.

Indeed, there’s little to nothing on Perished In Torment you haven’t heard before if you’ve been listening to the murkier bottom muck of late 80’s and early 90’s death metal. Think of the guttural, brutal death/doom of Incantation, mix it with the ominous melodies and hopeless doom of Finnish acts such as Convulse or old, old Amorphis, and add just a hint of what acts such as Paradise Lost did on their early albums, and you have a pretty good indication of what Grim Fate sounds like. Tempering lurching tempos with the occasional speedier burst and the downtuned tungsten-heavy riffage with the odd melancholy melody, there’s a nice balance to the predictable-but-enjoyable old school murk the Dutch trio offers.

Being so derivative and unoriginal in nature, it’s hard to get truly excited about this album. When you’ve heard it all before, pretty much in the same form even, it doesn’t warrant many hoots of elation. That doesn’t, however, lessen the fact that Perished In Torment is a more than decent pastiche and/or tribute to old school death/doom. Whilst there certainly is room for improvement here – there could be a few more memorable hooks in the songs, and the drum sound is a bit muffled – what Perished In Torment offers during its 42 minute running time is definitely value for money.

It’s easy to dismiss Perished In Torment as another run-of-the-mill old school death/doom copycat album. Whilst strictly speaking none of that is false, dismissing it merely because of that is to ignore the fact that this is a good album. And that’s what matters the most, isn’t it? You can forgive lack of originality, you can look past what need to be improved, when after spinning the album through you find yourself nodding in approval.

And that’s what Perished In Torment is like: not perfect, a bit too familiar, but definitely a good album.


Visit Grim Fate on Bandcamp or Facebook

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