The hardcore standards of Discreant

DISCREANT: Community Standards

Release year: 2019
Label: Stadin Rec

With thirteen tracks and a running time of ten minutes, and a name starting with “Dis”, it’s pretty easy to guess what’s contained on Community Standards, the first proper release of Finnish trio Discreant (their only previous release is a rehearsal tape from 2017). Yes, hardcore. Hardcore of the fast, blasting and aggressive kind with a lot of elements from both crust and d-beat. The band have also thrown in some grinding and metallic elements for good measure.

The demo is pretty short and pretty sweet. Discreant aren’t overly original, so if you’re familiar with crust punk and d-beat, you’re not in for any surprises as far as the musical approach is concerned. Luckily though, Discreant take the old formula and make some very competent, pissed off audial violence from it.

With the running times of most tracks being between 20 and 40 seconds, it’s scarcely surprising that there aren’t really any hits on the EP. Discreant don’t rely on hooks, melodies or choruses to make an impression, they do it in the same manner as a steamroller: with sheer force.


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