Paramilitant vomit-inducing spears

PARAMILITANT: Emetic Spear Of Intolerance

Release year: 2022
Label: self-released

What’s short, sweet and to the point? An emetic spear of intolerance, of course. Har har, geddit? No?

Sorry. Abortive attempts at stupid jokes aside, Emetic Spear Of Intolerance is short, sweet and to the point. Clocking in at under eight minutes, the first demo by Paramilitant from Istanbul, Turkey certainly doesn’t beat around the bush or waste time with subtleties. And it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what kind of music they play: with that name, with that logo, with that cover… well, of course it’s war metal/bestial black metal!

Consisting of three tracks, Emetic Spear Of Intolerance is a fast, furious and all-too-brief frontal assault. Less than surprisingly, it doesn’t introduce anything new to the formula of bestial black metal: furious pounding interlaced with more rhythmic, headbanging sections; down-tuned guitars playing rough-hewn primitive riffs; and vocals that are a gruff, hoarse neanderthal growl. But, really, who expects originality within this sub-genre? And especially on a first demo? Nobody in their right mind, that’s for sure.

On all other fronts, especially for a first demo, Emetic Spear Of Intolerance has a lot going for it. The sound is dirty and rough, but balanced and clear. The playing is organic and more than acceptably tight for the genre – nowhere near as sloppy as some quite famous proponents, that’s for sure! And, the remark of unoriginality considered, the songs themselves work. Paramilitant find a good balance between mid-tempo sections and full-on blasting, and between rabid buzzsawing and riffs you actually can make sense of. And the already mentioned vocals are a nice cherry on the cake: of course you can’t make anything out of the heavilly reverbed, bestial shouting, but they sound as animal as the music.

To keep it concise: Emetic Spear Of Intolerance is a damn impressive first demo. Paramilitant display an admirable mastery of the fine craft of bestial black metal. When the only real flaw I can think of is that this demo is way too fucking short, then I’d say things are pretty good.

In a nutshell, check out this demo. With its running time of less than eight minutes, it won’t take too much of your time. Make especially sure to check it out if you’re into Blasphemy and all the other classics of the bestial genre, new and old. Here’s hoping to it won’t take too long for Paramilitant to release more stuff.

Visit Paramilitant on Bandcamp

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