The moulting of Tomb Mold

TOMB MOLD: The Bottomless Perdition + The Moulting

Release year: 2017
Label: Blood Harvest

If Tomb Mold’s debut, Primordial Malignity (which we reviewed here), reminds one of a mixture of the guttural catacombs of Pillard-era Incantation and the demented strangeness of Demilich, then this compilation, which presents the Canadian groups’ two first demos on one disc, feels more like a less crooked version of Demilich, without the Incantation-elements.

Whilst there are more than passing similarities with Demilich from time to time, it’s not like the Canadians – a duo at this early point in their career – ever took after the Finnish legends too much. There’s a jilted, skewed strangeness to some of the riffs that echoes Demilich, but Tomb Mold combine it with a murky, rotten soundscape of their own.

The sound on these demos, which is really good by the way, isn’t so much heavy as it is murky and swampy. The distorted low-end gives the overall sound even a sludgy feel, which masks well the relatively light albeit distorted guitar tone. The slightly off-balance production feels intentional, and it does compliment the atmosphere of the music itself.

It is clear that Primordial Malignity is far superior, and that the band evolved considerably between these two demos and the debut album. Which is, of course, as it should be! However, it is also obvious that already on these two first recordings, Tomb Mold were on to a good musical concept and were able to admirably capture it on tape.


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