The grim death of Vorum

VORUM: Grim Death Awaits

Release year: 2009
Label: Woodcut Records

After a respectable 10-year career, 12 if you count the two years they operated as Haudankaivaja, Finnish Vorum recently decided to call it a day and the members went their separate ways. They left behind two EP’s, one split and one full-length, plus two demos as Haudankaivaja, so not a massive legacy for a ten year career. Grim Death Awaits was their first recorded output as Vorum.

Vorum’s brand of satanic death metal takes much from the Finnish tradition, with melancholic, ill-foreboding melodies and plenty of slower, curhsingly heavy sections, both of which lend the EP a strong atmosphere of doom and gloom. There are moments of pure blasting fury here as well, but the emphasis is on slower and mid-tempo stuff, which works well. Certainly Vorum sound better when they take things slower, as some of the faster sections seem to succumb to aimless chaos.

The group spice things up a bit with some riffwork that has a slightly blackened taste to it, and perhaps even the occasional nod towards the discordant style many modern black/death metal hybrids embrace. However, not to the degree that one could call Vorum any sort of black/death hybrid. This is pure death metal.

Whilst the stylistic approach is nailed down quite perfectly, the songwriting itself feels still a bit lacking on this EP. Which, of course, is explained by this being their first release. Still, whilst at first listen it is hard not to be impressed by how well Vorum have digested the classic Finnish death metal formula and added small hints of both American and Swedish death metal to it, when the initial infatuation wears off, the relatively unmemorable nature of the songs starts to shine through. It’s dark, it’s brutal, it’s ferocious, it’s gloomy… but it’s not very memorable.

But considering it is their debut release, with Grim Death Awaits Vorum laid a very respectable foundation for their future career. Getting basically everything else right except for the memorable songs is no mean feat.


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