UNDERGANG: Stranguleret

Continuing with the lurching, rhythmic heaviness of yesterdays’ Servants Of The Warsmen by Winter, Undergang from Denmark tap into that same vein of ultra-heavy d-beat death metal on Stranguleret from their second album Till Doden Os Skiller from 2012. Undergang are simply a wonderful band, whose brand of murky low-end emphasizing death metal has elements of crushing death doom a’la Winter combined with a cruder take on the vicious death-grind of earlier Carcass, all built on a putrid sound which sounds like these guys have listened to a lot of Autopsy. They’re definitely one of my favourite current death metal acts, and seem to be in a perpetually bubbling-under state, known and loved by death metal aficionados but still remaining in the shadows – most likely their choice of language, Danish exclusively, plays a role in this.

And just look at that cover art. Wonderful.

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