WINTER: Servants Of The Warsmen

From the very start of the track, the hoarse “RISE!”-shout that kicks off this beast of a track, echoing a world-famous “UGH!”, it’s obvious that Winter from the USA were looking to the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland for inspiration. Proceeding like a lo-fi, half-speed lurching version of the primitive d-beat of Hellhammer, adorned with a brutal, guttural vocal delivery, this is one of the archetypal doom-death tracks. The flanged and phased solo lends a feverish hint of nightmare psychedelia to what is otherwise four and a half minutes of crushing heaviness, but in no way detracts from the apocalyptic gloom.

In their short career, Winter released only one demo, one EP and one album. As it were, Servants Of The Warsmen appears on all of these releases – testament to the bands’ own belief in their track perhaps?

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