OSSUARIUM: Abhorrent Travesty On The Human Shape

With this track taken from their debut demo, Calcified Trophies Of Violence, Ossuarium from Portland, Oregon USA showcase that death metal is doing very well indeed in this day and age. The beautifully rotten, murky bass-laden sound and guitarwork reminiscent of the doomy stylings of the early 90’s Finnish scene as well as the doom-death pioneers of their native United States, Abhorrent Travesty On The Human Shape evokes more than a tad of nostalgia. With a cavernous, reverberating sound and sharp, piercing solos, this is death metal as it should be: lo-fi, but craftfully so. Make no mistake, despite all the bass-emphasizing mud in the sound, this sounds good. This sounds as it should sound. This sounds like… death.

Ossuarium’s demo is available for streaming on Spotify and in physical formats on their Bandcamp page.

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